Tax credits & funding

Employers who hire students from the Institute for Co-operative Education at Concordia may be eligible for the provincial tax credit by claiming a percentage of a student's salary and training costs. Eligibility is determined by the provincial government and employers are encouraged to inquire directly with Revenue Quebec via their website or by calling 1-800-567-4692.

80% of employers receive funding that can cover up to 40% of a student's salary and training!



Student salary

Tax credits


up to $3,200


up to $4,800

A week prior to the end of each internship, send the completed form to us at for review. We will return it to you in pdf format, signed by Institute Management. It is each employer’s responsibility to send the signed form to Revenue Quebec.
* N.B. (1) The Institute does not necessarily have the supervisor’s name and information in our system. It is up to each employer to include it on the form. 
** N.B. (2) You can receive funding for a maximum of 420 hours per term, extendable to 840 hours for an 8-month internship. Please note that an 8-month internship can be accounted for either 1 or 2 distinct tax credit forms. The Tax Credit Form could be completed and sent in the last month of the first or the second internship.
Please note that the form is available only in French. If you require additional assistance, please call us at (514) 848-2424 extension 3950. Our offices are open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

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