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Hire our students

It's simple. Efficient. Flexible.

We facilitate the entire hiring process by promoting your internship opportunities to students and scheduling interviews.

Some employers hire a large number of students per work term, others have fluctuating needs. Whether your organization requires 20 students or just one, we have a large pool of applicants who can assist with special projects, campaigns or as replacements for permanent staff.

7 easy steps to hire a Concordia intern

Step 1:
Consult the Institute's programs and find the skills you are looking for

  • Interns are available from all four of Concordia's faculties, including engineering and computer science, business, arts and science, and fine arts.
  • You might find students who have the exact skills you need.

Step 2:
Register as an employer on our online system, Compass

  • You'll use Compass to post positions, review applications, select candidates, create interview schedules and submit rankings of selected students to send offers.
  • You'll also see updates, important reminders, and other useful information.

Step 3:
Plan for your intern

  • Our internships run parallel to university terms. 
  • If you post an internship in September, the intern can begin work in January.
  • If you post in January, the intern begins in May. If you post in May, the intern begins in September.
  • In some cases, internships can be extended to an additional term (4 more months). 
  • Find out what tax credits or funding the internship(s) may quality for.

Step 4:
Post a job description

  • Use a job description template to describe your organization and the role.
  • Specify the number of positions offered, along with application deadline and the start date, if these have been established.
  • You can pair your posting with an event or information session for potential candidates to learn about you and your team.

Step 5:
Shortlist and interview candidates

  • Select candidates and schedule interviews through Compass.
  • Please be sure to include contact information. (i.e. telephone number, email address, video conferencing link)
  • Interview candidates at your location, by phone or video call.

Step 6:
Rank applicants and make an offer

  • After completing all interviews, submit your rankings on Compass.
  • Once you've ranked your preferred candidates, we will make the offers to students.
  • We will connect you with the student(s) once they have confirmed their acceptance.

Step 7:
Onboard your interns

  • Set up your interns for success  with an onboarding plan before they arrive.
  • Determine the intern’s personal and professional goals.
  • Provide support throughout the internship and participate in evaluations sent by the Institute.
  • Encourage contributions, active engagement and give recognition.

For any questions contact or call us weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST):
514 848-2424 ext. 3950.

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