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Advising for Undergraduate Students 2022-23

The requirements for advising prior to registration in the Faculty of Fine Arts vary according to your program of study. Although some programs do not require advising in order to register, while others do, your BFA Touchstone is your first step in your exciting Fine Arts program and the start of your orientation. You must register and attend the BFA Touchstone as soon as possible to be eligible to register for courses and officially confirm your place within your program. Failure to attend your BFA Touchstone in advance of the confirmation date listed in your Offer of Admission, could jeopardize your place within the program.

Please read the following information carefully and, if necessary, contact your department to arrange for an advising appointment. Please note that advising during the months of July and August is limited.

Visual Arts Programs – Advising Instructions

Performing Arts Programs – Advising Instructions

Visiting Students

All Visiting students who wish to register for courses offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts can do so by accessing the Web Registration System. In many cases, however, courses in Fine Arts are reserved for students enrolled in the specific programs requiring these courses. If the registration system requires that you obtain permission before registering for a specific course, please contact the department offering this course.

Please note that visiting students will only be able to register for courses based on availability at the time of registration. Access to studio courses is extremely limited and may not be possible.

Students who follow the appropriate instructions should be able to register with relative ease. Those who need further clarification or assistance are invited to contact the Fine Arts Student Academic Services.

Graduate advising information varies depending on program. For an overview of academic advising and suggested contacts by program:

 » See Academic Advising under the Graduate tab in the Registration guide.

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