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Curriculab was designed as a curricular laboratory to engage with curriculum development through sustained mentorship and guidance. It supports faculty and departments in making changes, small or large, by mapping out the stages for change to happen, and by creating connections with subject matter experts who can help guide efforts towards decolonization, accessibility, and sustainability, among others.

Who can use Curriculab?

All faculty members and departments in the Faculty are invited to join in this collective effort to re-envision and reimagine education. This might happen at any scale:

  • Small – individual courses

  • Medium – program reviews

  • Large – new programs

  • Faculty members or departments should reach out to to participate.

How it works

Operating on a volunteer basis, departments reach out to the Associate Dean, Academic Programmes and Pedagogy, for support and to enter the Curriculab platform, after which mentorship would include initiatives such as:  

  • Meetings with Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf, Director, Decolonizing and Indigenizing Curriculum and Pedagody at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to explore ways to decolonize curriculum [expertise]
  • Creating connections with colleagues in different departments or faculties who are working on similar changes [building a cohort]
  • Brainstorming sessions to open up future thinking about curriculum and pedagogy [gathering + peer support]

The ultimate goal of Curriculab is to have a long-term platform that allows faculty members and departments to explore radical change and to develop the skills, expertise, and confidence to make changes together. 


Departments participating in Curriculab will benefit from exposure and expertise that will help them re-design their curriculum. 

They will also have the opportunity to collectively explore change and develop programs in response to their departments' specific needs.

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