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Our shops have the tools and expertise for woodworking, metal work, digital fabrication and are available to all Fine Arts students, researchers and faculty. 

What you'll find here

Laser Cutting | SP500 | 60W and 120W  | 3D Printing | FDM | Creality Ender 3  | Bambu Lab X1 Carbon | SLA | Formlabs Form 3  | Elegoo Saturn  | WASP 4070 | SLS | Formlabs Fuse 1  | Plastic Recycling | 3DEvo GP20 | Water Jet | Omax Protomax | 3D Modeling + Scanning | Shining Einscan Pro 2 | AXYZ Innovator | CNC Router | Panel Saw | Milling Machines | Improved Sanding Area | Downdraft Tables | Specialized Hand Tools | Wood Lathe | SawStop | Band Saw | Sanding Equipment |Welding | Plasma Cutting | Metal Lathe | Mechanical Shear | Sand Blaster |Metal Forming | Metal Grinding | Precision Measurment |

Come see the new Assembly Room

The Core Technical Centre Assembly Room is an open workspace located at EV8.455. Students can use this space to work independently on curricular projects and there will be some hand tools available.

More facilities

Your department has additional spaces and equipment to support your studies. Visit your department's web site for more details.

About our equipment, processes and shop guidelines

Please remember that all in-person access is by appointment only and will be booked by a technician during a consultation. 

Check out our CTC Moodle and our Guidelines for Working in the Shops pages below for further information about the equipment available in the various shops, processes in place and general guidelines for preparing to work in the CTC shops.

Guidelines for working in the shopsCTC Moodle page

Ready? Book your consultation

Our technicians are there to help you realize your project! Always start with a consultation with a technician – even if you're not sure which shop you need. You may schedule your time in a shop only after you meet with a technician!

Book your consultation

Discover the shops – guided tours

At the beginning of each term, we offer guided shop tours. This is a chance for students to meet Core Technical Centre technicians and visit all of the shop spaces.

No reservation is necessary, just meet in the atrium outside the new Digital fabrication space in the EV building, room EV8.763

  • January 25, 2024: 1pm
  • Januray 29, 2024: 1pm

The CTC is currently open to all Faculty of Fine Arts students and faculty working on curriculum or research projects by appointment only.


Please note that the CTC is not open to the public at this time.

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