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Amount of bursary

The amount allocated to a student will depend on each student’s needs, but typically is between $250-500.

How to make a request

Students should speak to a faculty member or the Chair of their Department to identify their need. The Department may then make a request to the Fine Arts Dean’s Office in support of the student. The student will need to provide a statement as to the reason for their request and a short budget listing their expenses.

For further information

About Christopher Jackson

The late Chris Jackson joined Concordia’s Department of Music as a faculty member in 1977 and was Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1994 until 2005.

Recognizing the unique financial circumstances of Fine Arts students, long-time Concordia champion Emaral Investments Inc. established the bursary in 2005.  

Since that time, many faculty, staff and alumni have continued to donate, increasing the number and value of bursaries, and reaching more students in times of need.

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