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Learn about the internationally-renowned research centres, labs, and studios where our researchers mobilize local communities, influence national issues, and engage in global thinking.

Faculty recognized research centres

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development (CAHD) is an educational, clinical and research centre serving adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs populations. The Centre provides four types of creative arts therapies: art, drama, music and dance/movement, used to promote autonomy and self-confidence, improve social skills and enhance overall quality of life for the Centre’s participants.

Milieux Research Clusters

The Milieux Institute for arts, culture and technology draws heavily from faculty, staff and students in the Faculty of Fine Arts. It articulates perfectly our interdisciplinary approach to research. Drawing on a legacy of media arts research-creation, Milieux aims to mess with the boundaries of creative experimentation, graduate research and training, and progressive critical thought and practice. We work with partners and collaborators from cultural and technology sectors and across the world to examine, co-create and share ideas, prototypes,  experiences and practices that challenge assumptions shaping  contemporary digital culture.

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