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Student life

Start or join a student group to gain skills, make friends and explore your interests. Help run a gallery, journal or festival. There are limitless ways to get the most out of your student experience beyond the classroom.

VAV Gallery

Concordia’s premier student-run gallery
Visit the VAV Gallery

Art Matters Festival

A showcase for student artists throughout the city
Visit the Art Matters Festival

J. R. Harper Memorial Reading Room

A collection of resources on art, art criticism and cultural theory
Visit the J. R. Harper Memorial Reading Room


A website for all Fine Arts students to create profiles

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

FASA offers a variety of services to Fine Arts students, organizes diverse social events and administers all Fine Arts clubs. FASA also issues special project grants twice per year and provides operational funding to student clubs and organizations.


Fine Arts students publish several journals:


Office of Student Relations

Learn more about Fine Arts student life activities. We strive to cultivate links between the wider student population and extra-curricular student-run projects, like Art Matters, Café X, Fine Arts Reading Room and the VAV Gallery.

The Office of Student Relations is the link between all student-run projects, the Dean’s Office and the wider university community. Whether you are interested in arts-related governance, gallery direction, festival production, resource centre management and non-profit arts related businesses we are here to help ensure the success of our student-run organizations.

The Student Relations coordinator also oversees Fine Arts Stories, and a fund for department-organized exhibitions of student work

Contact us
Student Relations Coordinator

Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 4701

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