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Elective courses

All students may register for any of the elective courses listed below, including those offered by the Interdisciplinary Studies Area of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The Interdisciplinary Studies course topics evolve regularly, exploring how artistic practices across disciplines intersect and engage with culture and society.

Interdisciplinary Studies courses

  • FFAR 254 (fall)
  • FFAR 259: The Art Forms of Bollywood (winter)
  • FFAR 258 (fall)
  • FFAR 298 All Sections (fall, winter)
  • FASS 298 - Sexuality & the Arts: Queer Horror (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - Art in the Anthropocene (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - The Culture of True Crime (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - Dancing Bodies in the Popular Culture (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - Documentary & Social Justice (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop (winter)
  • FFAR 298 - The Movie Soundtrack (winter)
  • FFAR 291 EC (winter)
  • Course descriptions

Fine Arts Field School

Fine Arts sexuality studies

Department Electives

Acting for the theatre 

Art Education 

Contemporary dance

Film and Moving Image Studies

Music performance



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