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In addition to standard kinds of woodworking, such as traditional joinery and milling, the Core Technical Centre's (CTC) wood shop supports wood turning of round objects, sculptural carving, and wood bending. The shop also has a variety of sculpting and carving tools that can be used to shape anything from miniatures to full-scale figures.

Ready to book a consultation?

A member of the CTC wood shop technical staff will be glad to help you. Please phoneemail or follow this link to the booking calendar.

About our equipment, processes and shop guidelines

Please remember that all in-person access is by appointment only and will be booked by a technician during a consultation. 

Check out our CTC Moodle and our Guidelines for Working in the Shops pages below for further information about the equipment available in the various shops, processes in place and general guidelines for preparing to work in the CTC shops.

Guidelines for working in the shopsCTC Moodle page
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