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Lapsed & Failed Standing Students

Lapsed program

If a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student in good academic standing does not attend courses at Concordia for 6 or more consecutive terms, then their program lapses and they can no longer register. 

Lapsed students may apply to the Faculty of Fine Arts (FOFA) Student Academic Services (SAS) to return to their BFA studies. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate this request.  

Lapsed students leave in good academic standing, but re-entry into their program(s) of study may not be possible due to changes to the program curriculum & technical components of the degree since leaving their studies. In some instances, the program of study may not be offered anymore. 

Departments may require a portfolio or audition before considering re-entry. Decisions are made case by case.

How to return to your studies

Failed standing

Students in Failed standing will receive a notice from the Registrar at the end of the academic year and will be removed from their studies. Courses in progress during May-June term will be permitted to be completed, but all future course registrations are cancelled, and full block put on the record. 

Failed students are encouraged to attend one of the following support sessions to get more information on the Readmission Process. While students may apply for readmission immediately to the BFA upon failing out, it is encouraged that students consider the option to take a year+ break, if the situation that lead to their course failures is not on track to be resolved.

Readmission support sessions

Offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts (FOFA) Student Academic Services (SAS)

Readmission is only considered for Fall semester re-entry. However, Winter semester readmission to the BFA is considered on case-by-case basis. International students are encouraged to apply for readmission as soon as possible should they require renewal of their CAQ &/or Study Permits. 

Students who apply for readmission outside of the month of June or who wish to discuss applying for readmission into another degree program should connect with Amanda Holt during one of her daily drop-in advising times.

Readmission process:

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