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Off-campus housing

The Concordia Student Union's Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HoJo) is a great place to start searching for off-campus housing. 

HoJo also offers a variety of resources to help you with off-campus apartment hunting:

  • Legal information, handouts and referral (not advice)
  • Workshops on your rights as a tenant and worker
  • A place to conduct your job/housing search (free phone, internet, newspaper classifieds, maps)
  • Roommate conflict prevention (tips, accounting software, etc.)
  • Safety resources (apartment checklist, workshops, etc.)
  • Online Classified ads: (jobs, internships, volunteer positions, roommate profiles, books/furniture for sale)


Apartment-hunting tips

  • Ask if major appliances are included, such as refrigerator and stove, or if you will have to find your own.
  • Apartment sizes come in the following:
    • a 1½ is a large room with kitchenette and bathroom; 
    • a 2½ is two separate rooms, plus bathroom.
    • a 3½ has a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom;
    • a 4½ has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom; 
    • a 5½ usually has three bedrooms, and so on.
  • Find out whether heat is included. If not, plan extra for winter costs.


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