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John Molson minors

A minor is a secondary classification of elective credits designed to complement a major. They are designed to fit within the structure of a degree so as not to extend program length (i.e. Business minors take the place of 12 elective credits within a degree program). Minors are not compulsory and do not replace completing a major.

Business students may choose to pursue a Business minor or a non-business minor (see below). A Business minor consists of 12 credits (4 courses) and may be selected from one of the 13 listed below. Business minors are not open to non-business students.

Non-business students may consider the following options, however.

Please note that business students may change minors, provided that they have completed at least 12 credits at Concordia and are in good academic standing. To change minors, simply fill in a Change of Concentration form and submit it to room MB 4.201.

Alternatively, business students may choose to follow business courses outside of their major without having the minor. Learn more about business electives.

Business Minors Required Courses
Assurance, Fraud Prevention, and Investigative Services ACCO 350 
ACCO 360
ACCO 455
ACCO 465
Business Technology Management

BTM 382
BTM 481
BTM 496

Plus 3 additional credits chosen from:

BTM 387
BTM 480

Data Intelligence BSTA 445
BSTA 450
BSTA 477
BSTA 478

ECON 318
ECON 319

Plus 6 additional 300-level credits offered by the Economics Department
Entrepreneurship 12 credits to be chosen from:
MANA 447
MANA 451
MANA 478
MANA 480
MANA 481
MANA 482

FINA 385
FINA 395

Plus 6 additional 400-level credits offered by the Finance Department.
Financial Reporting (formerly known as Financial Accountancy)

ACCO 310

ACCO 320

ACCO 355

Plus 3 additional credits offered by the Accountancy Department.

Human Resource Management MANA 362

Plus 9 additional credits chosen from:
MANA 443
MANA 444
MANA 446
MANA 463
MANA 498
Information Systems Audit and Risk Management 12 credits chosen from:
ACCO 350
ACCO 360
ACCO 455
BTM 382
BTM 430
BTM 440

International Business

Prior to Fall 2023 Entry:

IBUS 462
IBUS 466
IBUS 492

Plus 3 additional credits chosen from:
IBUS 370
IBUS 382
IBUS 465
IBUS 471
IBUS 493
MANA 374


As of Fall 2023 Entry:
IBUS 466
IBUS 492

Plus 6 additional credits chosen from:
IBUS 370  
IBUS 382
IBUS 465
IBUS 471
IBUS 493
MANA 374 


MANA 341
MANA 420

Plus 6 additional 300 or 400-level credits offered by the Management Department.

Management Accounting (formerly known as Managerial Accountancy)

*Note that the Minor in Management Accounting  is no longer offered as of September 2019. Students who began the Minor in Management Accounting prior to September 2019 will be permitted to complete it.

ACCO 330 
ACCO 430

Plus 6 additional credits offered by the Accountancy Department.

MARK 302
MARK 305

Plus 6 additional MARK credits offered by the Department of Marketing.
Real Estate FINA 210

6 additional credits chosen from:
FINA 310
FINA 320
FINA 420
MANA 477

3 additional credits chosen from:
URBS 230
URBS 240
URBS 250
URBS 393
Supply Chain Operations Management SCOM 361 
SCOM 363
SCOM 372
SCOM 374
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