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Water and power shut down affecting LB building: LB, including the Webster library and the Birks Student Services Centre, is closed until further notice.


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Programming

Faculty Council Presentations

These 30 – 45 minute presentations cover selected issues and challenges and the campus resources and initiatives available to help address them. All faculty, staff and teaching assistants are welcome at Council. 

If you are not on council’s regular mailing list, contact your department coordinator to ask for the Zoom link that is circulated a few days before each session.

Friday, November 12 - 10:30am

Ongoing Accessibility and Equity Work at Concordia

Presenters: Lisa Ostiguy and Lisa White

Friday, January 14 - 10:30AM

Supporting Transgender and Queer Students from Studio to Seminar

Presenter: Anthea Black

Friday, February 11 - 10:30AM

Preliminary findings and recommendations of the President's Task Force on Anti-Black Racism

Presenter: Angélique Willkie

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Departmental Conversations

How can our classrooms and offices best foster relations of mutual respect? How can we respond effectively when moments of tension or conflict arise?

Faculty and staff are invited to Join Lisa White of the Equity Office and Aisha Topsakal of the Office of Rights and Responsibilities for discussion-based sessions geared to common scenarios and techniques. The questions and experiences of participants will form the heart of these 90-minute conversations, organized for each of the Faculty's nine departments. Contact your department for more information.


Friday, January 14

CRIT IT!: A Workshop with Anthea Black

Using student-centred discussion and methods from HANDBOOK: Supporting Queer and Trans Students in Art and Design Education, this session will create and open-source critique tool.

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Orientation sessions for teaching assistants

TA orientations organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts include a unit on equity, diversity and inclusion.

The orientations are part of a range of professional development options for FoFA TAs. If you have signed a contract for 50 hours or more it includes 2 hours of paid, mandatory professional development.  Talk to your supervising professor.

Monday, January 10

TA orientation

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Wednesday, January 12

TA orientation

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Wednesday, January 19

TA orientation

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Around Campus


Equity in the Classroom

November 11, 2021
Event details

Rocking Those Mocs: Respect vs Cultural Appropriation

November 12, 2021
Event details

BIPOC course list

Are you looking for courses that critically engage with content related to those who are Black, Indigenous, and people of colour? This list brings together courses from across the university.

Learn more

A Day in the Life of Indigenous Faculty and Staff

November 26, 2021
Event details

Black Perspectives, Live at Concordia

Event details

Building Cultural Safety

January 21, 2022
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Indigenization and Decolonization share some values with EDIA, but are also distinct endeavours with their own priorities and approaches. Learn more by participating in the Pîkiskwêtân Learning Series. The Indigenous Directions Action Plan Offers tools for all members of the Concordia community wishing to redress the legacy of colonialism. 

For students, the Otsenhákta Student Centre provides a warm place where First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students can find community, support, and assistance. 


The Access Centre for Students with Disabilities reduces barriers to academic participation in the University, raises awareness about students with disabilities, and engages in community-building to further promote an invclusive learning environment at Concordia. 

If you are an instructor, the principles for Universal Design for Learning can aid you in optimizing teaching and learning for all students. These practical training modules can also support you in building more inclusive and accessible course materials, from powerpoint slides to PDF files, while Brickfield will help you ensure that your Moodle pages are accessible to all learners. 

Concordia is currently updating its Accessibility policy and procedures to better support students, staff, and faculty. 

Policies, Plans, and Offices

Concordia University is committed to providing a safe, civil, and inclusive working and learning environment for all community members. The Code of Rights and Responsibilities and the Sexual Violence Policy provide a framework to promote and ensure a community free of sexual violence, harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

As a way of respecting diversity and placing a high value on inclusion, Concordia also makes accommodations for students for religious beliefs, observances and obligations.  



Concordia has many specialized resources for community members facing a variety of situations.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to reach out to these resources for consultation, support, or to learn more about available services.

Raising and Responding to Concerns

Concordia values respect, fairness, inclusiveness and diversity. If you have concerns that touch on these principles, the Faculty of Fine Arts Guidelines for Raising Concerns offer information and options for acting.  Additional guidelines are available to assist instructors and supervisors in responding to an expression of concern.

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