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Indigenous Directions Leadership Council

Vicky Boldo in the foreground of a meeting where people are standing with open palms gently raised

Mandate of the Indigenous Directions Leadership Council

The current mandate of the Indigenous Directions Leadership Council (IDLC) is to oversee and guide the implementation of the Indigenous Directions Action Plan in partnership with the Concordia University community. The period of this current mandate is from Spring 2019 to Spring 2022, and is renewable upon completion. After this three (3) year period, the IDLC will re-evaluate its mandate according to emerging priorities.

The Action Plan is a living document and guide that is intended to enable Concordia to move towards being a more responsive, respectful, and reciprocal post-secondary institution for and with Indigenous peoples, locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Composed of six mandates, the Action Plan sets clear intentions on how the IDLC and university stakeholders will collectively undertake the responsibilities of creating and maintaining a university environment and institutional curriculum where Indigenous peoples, knowledge systems, languages, and cultures are valued, recognized, and critically engaged with in respectful and generative ways.

The six mandates of the Action Plan are: 

  1. Governance and community participation: Accelerate the Indigenization of governance and increase community engagement

  2. Curriculum and pedagogy: Advance the recognition and integration of Indigenous knowledges in curriculum

  3. Institutional environment: Enhance the cultural climate of the University for Indigenous peoples

  4. Indigenous students: Increase recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of Indigenous students

  5. Indigenous faculty and staff: Amplify the recruitment and retention of Indigenous faculty and staff

  6. Indigenous research: Enrich the University’s capacity and support for Indigenous-led and community-based research


The IDLC is made up of twelve members, including staff, faculty and students. Get to know our current and past members below.

Current members

Past members

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