What underlines these guidelines is the need to work respectfully and in mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities, always, and to avoid the misappropriation of likenesses of Indigenous peoples and aspects of Indigenous cultural heritage, including material and non-material culture.

If there is one takeaway from this document, it is when in doubt, ask!

Seek permission and consent first and not after undertaking any project involving or about Indigenous peoples, and in this case prior to producing any imagery or representations of Indigenous peoples, unless you are a member of that specific Indigenous community.

This also applies to writing captions and descriptions of photos and other representations of Indigenous peoples and cultural heritage.

Again, when in doubt, ask.

The guidelines include:

  • Definitions of terms
  • The role of intentionality
  • A new way forward
  • Obtaining consent
  • University contacts
  • Related documents and policies

Frequently asked questions

For additional information, please contact indigenous.directions@concordia.ca

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