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First Peoples Studies

The First Peoples Studies program is a major designed to introduce the student to the world of First Peoples (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis), specifically within the Quebec context. It investigates the history, the current situation, and the changing needs of First Peoples. Taught from First Peoples perspectives and based on sound, culturally sensitive research, the program’s aim is to bring accurate awareness and a better understanding of First Peoples issues, develop further understanding of society’s standing in relation to First Peoples, and build bridges towards mutual understanding between Quebec society and First Peoples.

The First Peoples Studies program (BA) can be taken as a major concentration (45 credits) or a minor (24 credits). Students are encouraged, though not required, to take either a minor in another area of study, or a second major in order to facilitate the acquisition of complementary knowledge and practical skills relevant to contributing to the well-being and advancement of First Peoples. 

Program Requirements

45    BA Major in First Peoples Studies
          Stage I
  10    FPST 2013, 2023, 2033, 2971
    6    Chosen from FPST 2103, 2113, 2123, 2983
          Stage II
  13    FPST 3013, 3023, 3033, 3413, 3971
    6    Chosen from FPST 3063, 3103, 3113, 3123, 3203, 3213, 3223, 3233, 3983;
          RELI 3683; WSDB 3813
          Stage III
    7    FPST 4013, 4023, 4971
    3    Chosen from FPST 4063, 4103, 4113, 4123, 4133, 4143, 4153, 4903, 4913,
          4983; COMS 4193

  24    Minor in First Peoples Studies
  12    FPST 2013, 2023, 2033, 3013
    3    Chosen from FPST 2103, 2113, 2123
    3    Chosen from FPST 3103, 3113, 3123
    3    Chosen from FPST 3023, 3033, 3203, 3213, 3223, 3233
    3    Chosen from FPST 4013, 4023, 4113, 4123, 4133, 4143, 4153, 4903, 4913

Courses offered in the First Peoples Studies program

Native Studies Elective Group

Elective Groups are focused on a given theme, but they are broad in the sense that courses are taken in a range of disciplines. These elective credits are normally taken outside your program of concentration (Major, Specialization, or Honours). Elective Groups allow you to take your electives in a more structured and meaningful form. An Elective Group can be used to partially satisfy the Arts and Science requirement for 24 credits outside your discipline or department.

Required courses for the Native Studies elective group are:

ANTH 2023 Introduction to Culture
ANTH 2043 Native Peoples of North America
ANTH 3023 Art, Aesthetics, and Anthropology
ANTH 3033 Indigenous Cultures Today
ARTH 3763 Topics in Amerindian and Inuit Art
COMS 4193 Communications and Indigenous Peoples
ENGL 3803 First Nations/North American Native Literature
FMST 2173 First Nations and Film
FPST 2013 Introduction to First Peoples Studies
FPST 2033 First Peoples of Canada
GEOG 2033 Canadian Environmental Issues
GEOG 3003 Environment: Historical and Cultural Perspectives
GEOG 4073 Indigenous Resource Management
HIST 2033 History of Canada, Pre-Confederation
RELI 3683 Religion in Native Traditions

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Electives with Indigenous content

ANTH 202: Introduction to Culture

ANTH 204: Native Peoples of North America

ANTH 302: Art, Aesthetics, and Anthropology

ANTH 303: Indigenous Resurgence

ARTH 376: Topics in Indigenous Art

COMS 419: Communications and Indigenous Peoples

ENGL 380: First Nations/North American Native Literature

FMST 217: First Peoples' Cinema

GEOG 203: Canadian Environmental Issues

GEOG 407: Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

GEOG 498: Indigenous and Environmental History of the Americas Since 1492

HIST 203: History of Canada, Pre-Confederation

WSDB 381: Indigenous Women and Feminisms

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