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Canadian students from outside Quebec

To retain your health-care coverage through your home province, you must notify your provincial health authority you are studying in Quebec.

Additional coverage through the Concordia Student Union

All Quebec and out-of-province students registered for more than three credits are automatically enrolled in the Concordia Student Union (CSU) Health and Dental Plan. The plan provides for services not covered under provincial health care, like vision and dental care and travel insurance.

International students

International students are covered by a compulsory health insurance plan as per government regulations.

If you'll be studying online this fall from outside Canada and you're wondering if you still need to pay international health insurance fees: beginning August 15, 2020, you may request a refund of fall term insurance fees.

Immigration Quebec regulations require all international students be covered by a health insurance plan that meets government standards, while studying in Quebec. Should you arrive in Canada during the fall term, you will be required to re-enrol in the Concordia-issued International Health Insurance Plan — personal health insurance plans will not be accepted.

For details, visit the International Students Office page.

A word about vaccines

Before you leave home, review your vaccine history and consider updating any you’re missing. And pack your vaccine records: it’s important you have easy access to this info while you’re at Concordia! 

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