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Arts and Science advising

Advising for newly admitted undergraduate students

Welcome new students!

All newly admitted students to the Faculty of Arts and Science must participate in the FAS Touchstone advising session. At this joint SAS/Department advising session, you will receive general advising and degree information and specific program information.

Your program may also have a list of suggested first-year courses, known as a course sequence. To consult your program's recommended course sequence, see Next steps or check your department's web page. If your program does not have a recommended course sequence, learn which courses you need to earn your degree by consulting the undergraduate calendar or your academic requirements report.

Department Next steps Contact: 514-848-2424
Applied Human Sciences FAS Touchstone
New student information
Extension: 3330
Arts and Science (Certificate) FAS Touchstone Extension: 2104
Biology FAS Touchstone Extension: 3400
Chemistry and Biochemistry FAS Touchstone
See typical course sequences
Extension: 3366
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics FAS Touchstone Extension: 2300
Communication Studies FAS Touchstone
Advising and sample course sequencing information
Extension: 5055
Economics FAS Touchstone
Course sequencing information
Extension: 3900
Education FAS Touchstone ECEE, Child Studies, ADED
Extension: 2029

Extension: 2031
English FAS Touchstone
Program checklists
Extension: 2340
Études Françaises
(French Studies)
FAS Touchstone Poste: 7500
Geography, Planning, and Environment FAS Touchstone
See registration instructions
Extension: 2050
Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology
(Exercise Science)
FAS Touchstone
Read academic advising documents
Extension: 3327
History FAS Touchstone
See the advising guide
Extension: 2435
Journalism FAS Touchstone Extension: 5054
Liberal Arts College FAS Touchstone Extension: 2565
Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability Contact Department Extension: 2125
Mathematics and Statistics FAS Touchstone
See sample course schedules
Extension: 3223
Philosophy FAS Touchstone Extension: 2500
Physics FAS Touchstone
See suggested course sequence
Extension: 5167
Political Science FAS Touchstone
See course selection guidelines
Extension: 2105
Psychology FAS Touchstone
Academic monitoring forms
Extension: 2222
Religions and Cultures FAS Touchstone
Advising information
Extension: 2065
School of Irish Studies FAS Touchstone Extension: 8711
School of Community and Public Affairs FAS Touchstone Extension: 2579
Science College FAS Touchstone Extension: 2595
Science Foundations (Certificate) FAS Touchstone Extension: 2104
Simone de Beauvoir Institute and Women’s Studies FAS Touchstone
See recommended course plans
Women's Studies
Extension: 2370

Sexuality Studies
Extension: 2373
Sociology and Anthropology FAS Touchstone
See recommended course plans
Extension: 2140
Theological Studies FAS Touchstone Extension: 2475

General information

  • Course prerequisites
    The registration system will not permit you to register for a course that has a prerequisite if you have not completed that prerequisite. If a course has “permission of the Department” as a prerequisite, you must obtain authorization from the department offering that course to register for the course.
  • Course entry restrictions
    Many courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science are reserved, in whole or in part, to students enrolled in the specific programs of the department offering the program and are not available as elective courses to non-program students. Please look at class capacity to see if the course has reserved seats (class schedule, click on the “section” to open a new page that has capacity information). If you see students on the wait list, and you are in the program that requires the course, that is an indicator to you that the course has reserved seats.
  • Course load
    The normal fall/winter course load for full-time students is 12–15 credits per term. Full-time students who wish to take a course overload (i.e., more than 12 credits) in the summer term must receive permission from their academic adviser and Student Academic Services in the Faculty of Arts & Science. To obtain permission, please fill in a Student Request form. Students must have at least 24 Concordia credits on record with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00.
  • General Education requirement and 24-credit rule
    Students in the Faculty of Arts & Science are required to satisfy the General Education requirement and 24-credit rule. For more information regarding these degree requirement, students should contact their department advisor, or an advisor in Student Academic Services (514-848-2424, ext. 2104). Detailed information can also be obtained by consulting Section 31.004 of the Undergraduate Calendar for the year in which you were admitted to a degree in Arts and Science.
  • Elective Group
    Elective Groups are a group of courses focused on a given theme and are a great way to satisfy your elective component of your degree. Elective Groups allow you to take your electives in a more structured and meaningful way. An Elective Group can be used to partially satisfy the Arts and Science requirement of 24 credits outside your program. For more information, telephone 514-848-2424, ext. 2104 or see Elective Groups.

Graduate student advising

Graduate advising information varies depending on program. For an overview of academic advising and suggested contacts by program:

 » See Academic Advising under the Graduate tab in the Registration guide.

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