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Arts and Science advising

Advising for Undergraduate Students 2020-21
Fall & Winter Sessions

Advising and registration information for new students

Welcome new students! Advising is REQUIRED for new students, and must be done before registering. The type of advising depends on your department or college. Below you'll find information about the type of your advising depending on your department.

General information

Course Prerequisites

The registration system will not permit you to register for a course that has a prerequisite if you have not completed that prerequisite. If a course has “permission of the Department” as a prerequisite, you must obtain authorization from the department offering that course in order to register for the course.

Course Entry Restrictions

Many courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science are reserved, in whole or in part, to students enrolled in specific programs and are not available as elective courses to non-program students. Please look at class capacity to see if the course has reserved seats.

Course Load

Full-time students who wish to take a course overload (i.e. more than 12 credits) in the Summer Session must receive permission from their academic adviser or from Student Academic Services in the Faculty of Arts & Science. The normal Fall/Winter course load for full-time students is 12-15 credits per term.

General Education Requirement and 24-credit Rule

Students in the Faculty of Arts & Science are required to satisfy the General Education requirement and 24-credit rule. For more information regarding this degree requirement students may contact the department advisor, or the academic counsellor in Student Academic Services (extension 2104). Detailed information can also be obtained by consulting Section 31.004 of the Undergraduate Calendar for the year in which you were admitted to a degree in Arts and Science.

Elective Group

Elective Groups are focused on a given theme, but they are broad in the sense that courses are taken in a range of disciplines. Elective Groups allow you to take your electives in a more structured and meaningful form. An Elective Group can be used to partially satisfy the Arts and Science requirement for 24 credits outside your discipline or department. For more information, telephone 514-848-2424 ext. 2104 or see Elective Groups.

Graduate advising information varies depending on program. For an overview of academic advising and suggested contacts by program:

 » See Academic Advising under the Graduate tab in the Registration guide.

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