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You are welcome to see an Academic Advisor throughout the year to discuss issues – such as course registration, academic performance, exchange or academic policies – only to name a few.

Please note that advising is required for students with the following status:

  • Students "Newly Admitted" to one of CMLL programs
  • Students on "Conditional Standing"
  • Students on "Failed Standing" who have been "re-admitted" to one of CMLL programs

NOTE 1: The Academic Advisor cannot answer any questions related to courses or programs outside the CMLL Department. Any questions related to courses outside our Department should be directed to the Department offering those courses.

NOTE 2: If you have course-related questions, such as policies on make-up tests or course requirements, you need to contact your Professor directly. Course-related regulations are at the discretion of the Professor and not the Department. However, should you have a conflict that cannot be resolved, please contact us by email at Sandra Woywod-Page or by phone at 514 848.2424 ext. 2300.

You may need to bring the following documents to your appointment.

Please fill out the required information on the request form and explain your request in detail. If you have any additional documents, please attach them to the request form and drop off all required paperwork at the CMLL Department.

  • Student Request Form for REFUND related issues (DNE-request):

You can find the Student Request Form for Late DNE (i.e., withdrawal with refund) or Partial Refund on your Concordia Portal under “Student Administrative Affairs”.

NOTE 1: The decision concerning your request does not lie with the Department. This decision is made by the Student Request Committee at the Faculty of Arts & Science.

NOTE 2: Please note that it can take up to six weeks before a decision on your request has been made. The Student Request Committee will notify you in writing.

  • Tutorial Request Form:

A Tutorial Request Form must be completed for a variety of courses, such as the Honours Seminar, the Honours Thesis and the Specialization Project. The completed form, signed by the Supervisor and you only, must be returned to the Program Assistant. After submitting the completed form, please allow five (5) business days for the course to be set up on the system. Once the course is set up on the system, the Program Assistant will contact you to register into the course.

        NOTE 1: The set-up process must be completed before the end of the registration period.

        NOTE 2: If you do not have the information for specific fields on the form, such as the course number, please leave them blank.

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