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Student resources

Academic Resources

Student Academic Services (SAS)
The Faculty of Arts and Science's Student Academic Services (SAS) represents the Faculty of Arts & Science and is responsible for a variety of tasks applicable to all departments that are part of this Faculty. As such, the SAS deals with all admissions-related matters to Arts & Science programs, including application procedures and transfer credits. Students could contact Student Academic Services, if they are on conditional or failed standing and want to find out what academic performance regulations could entail. Lapsed students, who have been absent from Concordia for nine consecutive terms or more and therefore will have a lapsed notation entered on their student record must contact Student Academic Services before resuming their program. The Student Academic Services is also responsible for all complaints filed under the Academic Code of Conduct relating to students.

Concordia Continuing Education
Concordia Continuing Education includes services for "non-mainstream" current or future students at Concordia such as mature students, independent students, students at risk (such as students in failed standing or taking Complimentary University Credit courses), as well as students taking non-credit programming at Continuing Education.

Concordia Library Citation and Style Guide
Students can consult the Concordia Library Citation and Style Guides. To avoid any problems, students are advised to consult with their professors regarding the specific citation styles required for each course.

Funding Resources

Financial Aid and Awards
The Financial Aid and Awards Office assists current and prospective students in seeking and securing financial assistance to enable them to pursue their scholastic objectives. Student financial assistance is available in various forms, including government financial aid, usually in the form of student loans and/or bursaries, university scholarships and bursary programs, on-campus work opportunities through the University Work Study Program, and corporate scholarship programs. For more information about scholarships, students could also verify the Undergraduate Calendar.

Other Resources

Access Centre for Students with Disabilities (ACSD)
The Access Centre for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) is responsible for providing assistance to students with disabilities to facilitate their right of access to educational opportunities and services as well as their integration into university life. The Access Centre for Students with Disabilities provides this service in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff. If a student is registered with the ACSD and has special needs, it is advisable to inform all respective professors at the beginning of the semester.

Office of the Registrar
The Office is the main point of contact for a wide variety of services such as transcript requestsID cards, tuition payments, and information pertinent to the convocation (graduation) ceremony.

Otsenhákta Student Centre
The Otsenhákta Student Centre is devoted to helping First Nations, Métis and Inuit students at Concordia University achieve their highest academic potential.

Counselling and Psychological Services
In keeping with Concordia University’s mission, Counselling and Psychological Services supports and promotes students’ psychological well-being to maximize their personal and academic potential. We provide psychotherapy and personal counselling, individually and in groups, as well as outreach and consultation to the Concordia community.

Concordia Student Union (CSU)
The Concordia Student Union (CSU) represents over 30,000 undergraduate students and is run by students for students. The CSU offers a wide range of services to Concordia students such as the Off Campus Housing and Job BankHealth and Dental Insurance, and the CSU Book Exchange.

Dean of Students Office
The Dean of Students Office is the principal resource for the interpretation and regulation of policies and procedures as these apply to the non-academic aspects of student life. Student associations are one of the primary means by which students can relate meaningfully to the institution. By providing liaison with and support to student groups and their governing bodies, the Dean of Students encourages students in the conduct of their own collective affairs, and facilitates the growth of student associations and the active involvement in them by students.

Examinations Office
Students need to contact the Examination office for various examination-related requests such as examination conflict, application for a deferred "DEF" or medical "MED" notation. Students could contact the Department during the business hours for any post-examination issues.

Health Services
The mission of Health Services is to support and enhance the educational process and to influence student success and retention by modifying or removing health related barriers to learning, teaching, work and play.

International Students Office (ISO)
The International Student Office (ISO) facilitates every international student's adaptation at Concordia University making sure of their successful academic and personal experience during their studies at Concordia.

Le Gym (Recreation and Athletics)
Concordia's state-of-the art fitness centre offering the latest and best in exercise equipment and a friendly environment where staff are always available to provide assistance and guidance.

Student Advocacy Office
The Student Advocacy Office assist students facing charges under the Academic Code of Conduct and the Code of Rights and Responsibilities. Student Advocates are experienced, currently registered students who have a particular interest in fairness and natural justice and have received specific training and acquired unique skills in dealing with relevant issues relating to University rules and regulations. The Student Advocates work closely with the Coordinator, Student Advocate Program on all their cases.

Student Success Centre
Your support network from first-year to graduation. You'll find one-on-one tutors, study groups and workshops, plus a friendly community of professionals, peers and faculty who want you to excel.

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