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Exchange programs

Concordia International, in collaboration with the various faculties and the School of Graduate Studies, administers student exchange and internships with Concordia's partner universities and other institutions of higher learning around the world. This exchange enhances relationships between the people and cultures of different countries and promotes international education.

Participating students remain registered at Concordia University and spend from one term to one academic year taking courses, doing research, or participating in an internship program. For complete details, please see Concordia Student Exchange Program.

Students wishing to study abroad must complete the steps on the Study Abroad Department Checklist form prior to departure. These steps include:

  1. Language Proficiency form
  2. Course Selection
  3. Preliminary Course Selection form
  4. Student Request form
  5. Final Departmental Approval

Any changes to the Preliminary Course Selection must be communicated to and approved by the department.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for this material to be completed by the Department.

Summer Programs

Concordia International in collaboration with the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (CMLL) offer exciting Summer programs providing students from Concordia and other institutions the opportunity to participate in an educational and cultural immersion while earning Concordia undergraduate credits.

  • Summer Program in China
  • Summer Program in Spain
Archaeological Fieldwork

Concordia does not have its own archaeological project, and students must therefore find a place on a project on their own. 

There are numerous options for participating in archaeological fieldwork.  You may take part in an excavation or survey project, or even underwater archaeology, if you are so trained.

For more information please click here

External credit transfer

Transfer credits are credits for courses taken at another institution which may be transferred towards a Concordia degree or certificate. The Office of the Registrar or the respective Faculty assesses all requests for transfer credits. Each transfer application is considered on its merits. Credits from junior colleges, community colleges, or colleges of applied arts and technology outside Quebec will, in general, be given the same recognition towards undergraduate programs as they receive in their respective provinces. (For complete details, check the UG Calendar, 13.2-13.3.5)

The Department is responsible for:

  • Evaluation of the course content and completing the "Departmental Preliminary Course Selection Form" prior to departure.
  • Verification of language proficiency based on courses taken at Concordia and/or Assessment of Online Placement Test results.

The Department is not responsible for:

  • The final credit-evaluation of the courses taken at the host University by the Candidate. This process is the responsibility of the Arts & Science Faculty, Student Academic Services (SAS) and will be done after completion of courses and upon receipt of official documents from the Host University.
  • Ensuring the credibility of the courses and/or the institution chosen by the Candidate.
1. Interested in applying for external credit transfer?

Complete the Departmental Checklist, the Preliminary Course Selection Form for External Credit Transfer, and the Student Request Form. On the Student Request Form, choose the "External Credit Transfer" option. Indicate the semester(s) you want to be on exchange, the names of institutions in order of first, second and third choice. Also specify that you want the credits to be transferred to Concordia. Once you have completed the documents and filled out the Student Request Form, please come by during business hours and drop off all required material.


  1. Please note that your request could take up to six weeks to be processed at the Faculty level and the number of credits that will be approved may be limited.
  2. Normally, your last semester is supposed to be completed at Concordia. The transfer credit process could take an extended amount of time, which means a delay in graduation could occur.
  3. Residency Requirement - At least 50% of the degree credits for Honours, Specializations, Majors, Options, or Minors must be taken at Concordia. Individual Faculties determine the precise proportion. (UG Calendar, 13.3.3)
2. Already completed external credits?

Complete the Student Request Form and submit course descriptions as well as your Student Record listing these credits. Please choose the option "External Credit Transfer" on the Student Request Form and include information on when and where you completed courses outside of Concordia and indicate that you request having your credits transferred to your Concordia degree. Once you have filled out the Student Request Form, please come by during business hours and drop off all required material.


  1. Please note that your request could take up to six weeks to be processed at the Faculty level and the number of credits that will be approved may be limited.
  2. Please note that permission of the Arts & Science Faculty is required prior to taking external courses. If your request is after the fact, it may be rejected by the Faculty.


Contact the CMLL Department at 514 848.2424 ext. 2300 or email us at

Inter-university (Québec)

Concordia students: Interested in taking courses at another Québec University?

Québec universities have agreed to permit students registered at one university (called the home university), to take one or more courses at another university (called the host university) if they have valid reasons for doing so. A student must obtain authorization to cross-register from his or her academic advisor, the appropriate Associate Dean or delegate of the student's Faculty, and the Registrar. Students must apply via a Web-based application at the Bureau de cooperation interuniversitaire (BCI).

The host university has the right to refuse to register a student from another university in any of its courses or programs. Students are expected to follow the registration procedures of the host university and are subject to the regulations of the host university,except for tuition and fee policies which are governed by the home university. Fees are paid to the home university.
Students may only register in those courses for which they receive prior authorization. Concordia will deregister Inter-University students from courses where students do not have the appropriate permission.

Credit earned at host universities counts towards Concordia residence and degree requirements. The grades achieved at other institutions for courses taken under the Inter-University Agreement will be recorded on Concordia records and transcripts using a grade conversion table available from the Registrar:

These grades will be included in the calculation of Grade Point Averages in the same manner as any grade achieved in a course taken at Concordia. (UG, 16.1.7)

Interested in taking courses as a visiting student at Concordia University?

Please be informed that you have to contact your own Department at your home university and inquire about the Inter-University Agreement at the Bureau de cooperation interuniversitaire (BCI). Normally you apply for a course at a different Québec University online but require permission from your home Department and your home University first.


  1. Please keep in mind that applying to take courses via BCI does not guarantee that your request will be approved at all levels, nor does it guarantee that space is available in the course(s) of your choice.
  2. Please be advised to contact our department, in case you apply for a language course and have linguistic background in that language before you register. No contact is required for language placement if you have no background in that particular language.

Contact the CMLL department at 514 848.2424 ext. 2300 or email us at

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