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Undergraduate programs

Completing a degree at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute gives you critical thinking skills, analytical abilities and methodologies that will open a world of possibilities for you no matter the career you seek or where you want to work.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours in Philosophy

BA Major in Women's Studies

Students who elect to do a major make a commitment to women's studies as their main field of inquiry. A major in women's studies appeals to students who are passionate about feminism and who would like to devote themselves to studying its history, theory, and political action.

42 credits

BA Specialization in Women's Studies

A BA Specialization is the best option if you are interested in going on to graduate studies. A BA Specialization requires students to research and write a thesis. This project helps prepare students for advanced academic study. Previous Institute graduates have pursued advanced studies in Women's Studies, Communications, and Law.

60 credits

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy

BA Major & Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality

Offered in conjunction with other departments from the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality program explores the myriad ways in which sexuality is manifest in, and affects, culture, social organization and identity. 

Minor in Women's Studies

Combined with a major in another field, a Minor in Women's Studies offers students new and critical ways to think about knowledge. In the past, students majoring in History, English, Communications, or Studio Arts have pursued a Minor in Women's Studies.

Minor program course breakdown - 30 credits

Certificate in Women's Studies

The Certificate in Women's Studies is intended for individuals who would like to pursue Women's Studies in greater depth. Certificate students are individuals who meet the undergraduate admission requirements and who would like to pursue Women's Studies in greater depth.

Certificate program course breakdown - 30 credits
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