Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (Minor)

Why choose Multidisciplinary Studies in Science?

The Science College offers highly motivated students in any of the sciences a multidisciplinary program that prepares you for a life of scientific thought and research. In this program — while majoring in your own discipline — you also participate in scientific research projects in each of your three undergraduate years. You’ll take courses that highlight the interrelated nature of the sciences, and you and other Science College students will wrestle with scientific problems, talk with professors and propose new ideas for discussion. This is a challenging program. Usually, Science College students appear as co-authors on papers based on their research.

  • Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (24–30 credits)

This minor is only available to students enrolled in the following programs (Specialization, Honours or Major):

  • Biology
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology (BSc or BA in Cognitive Science)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (excluding Actuarial Mathematics)
  • Exercise Science

Students in the College must obtain a minimum grade of “B-” in all courses of their major, specialization or honours program and in all courses offered by the College. Please note that some courses may be repeated twice for credit in this program, provided the subject matter is different each time.

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