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Conduct real research and gain scientific experience – as an undergrad

An important component of the College's unique program is the requirement that students participate in work of an active research group in some branch of science, in every one of their undergraduate years. These research projects allow students to acquire first-hand scientific experience. The research may be carried out with scientists at Concordia or at some other university or research institution. In recent years, students have completed projects at universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Rochester, Frankfurt, Freiberg, Paris, Berlin, Innsbruck, San Diego, Johns Hopkins, London University, England, Simon Fraser University, Barbados, Miami and others. The work of the student is supervised and graded either by a faculty member or by an academically qualified person at the outside institution. 

An attractive aspect of this program is that students are expected to participate in research projects outside their field. One can find a physics student doing experiments in neurophysiology, or a biology student participating in a computer project. This program is the core of our curriculum and is unique in Canada. Students are not just doing laboratory exercises. They are active and interested participants in the resolution of current scientific problems. This role both sharpens their understanding of science and gives them first-hand experience with what to expect from a scientific career. It has been our experience that the most interested and motivated students would rather do the research than view it from a distance.

The college has its own library.

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