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After you've applied

Use your student ID number to monitor the status of your application.

Check for a confirmation email, which you should receive within 24 hours of applying. The email includes your eight-digit student ID number. Make sure you check your junk mail folder! If you don't get a confirmation email, call us at 514-848-2424, ext. 2668 or email

Make note of your student ID number. You’ll use it throughout your studies at Concordia. Make sure you don’t share your student ID number publicly since it’s a key that unlocks services and functions at the University and is meant for you only.

In terms of when to expect an admissions decision, there are a number of factors that can affect the timing: whether you applied by the official deadline and whether your application was complete when you submitted it.

If your program has additional requirements such as an audition, a portfolio, an interview, etc., a committee will review your submission only after the official application deadline.

Monitor your application status

Keep an eye on your Student Centre, where you can find updates on your admissions status, see your To Do list and review your uploaded documents.

Go to your Student Centre. You'll see updates on your application for admission under My Applications.

Pay special attention to your To Do List in your Student Centre, where you'll see the documents required in order to evaluate your application. These may appear as To Do items even though you submitted them when you applied. The list will be updated once we’ve reviewed your application, which may take up to 10 working days. 

To double-check that you successfully uploaded your documents, click on List of Documents Received. Keep in mind that Fine Arts portfolios won't appear on this list. 

If our admissions officers need more information, we’ll send you a request by email. The information requested will also appear as an item on your To Do List. You can upload the requested documents in your Student Centre. 

Any updates to your application status will appear in your Student Centre. We’ll also email you once we’ve made an admissions decision.

Discover funding opportunities

You have a number of options for financing your education, including scholarships, bursaries, loans and working on campus. Start exploring these funding opportunities now.

Concordia will automatically consider all students for a general entrance scholarship based on your marks when you apply, meaning there’s no need for a separate scholarship application. (Additional entrance scholarships for incoming international students do require an application.) 

Concordia participates in all Canadian government student financial aid programs (also known as student loans) as well as the United States Federal Student Aid program. Apply to the financial aid program in effect where you currently live. Apply early to receive your funds on time.

Bursaries are based on financial need and do require you to apply. Work-Study, also based on financial need, is a great way to acquire valuable job skills, build your résumé and get involved in the Concordia community. Eligible students can work on campus up to 20 hours a week (to a maximum of 200 hours per term).

You can also look into other job opportunities on campus, like becoming a tour guide, solving IT problems or scorekeeping at sports games.

Whatever your situation, our Financial Aid and Awards Office offers personalized, in-depth advice on organizing your finances and discovering funding opportunities.

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