Engineering writing test

COVID-19 Update

The Engineering Writing Test will be held online - through Moodle - until the university can reopen for face-to-face classes and exams.


Students may still register for the test via the normal registration portal.


All registered students will be added to the EWT Moodle page several days before the test date.


The online test will follow the same format and timing as the standard EWT.

All undergraduate students at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science must satisfy the School's writing skills requirement. There are two ways to fulfill the writing skills requirement:

  • Take ENCS 272 and pass with a C- or better


  • Take the Engineering Writing Test (EWT) and receive a PASS result

You must fulfill the writing skills requirement by completing one of the above options before you can register for ENCS 282 – Technical Writing and Communication, which is a required course for all undergraduate engineering students. Students may not register for ENCS 282 until they have fulfilled the writing skills requirement.

The EWT should be taken within the first 30 credits of a student's program, after all required English as a Second Language courses have been completed. Students who have not completed required English as a Second Language courses should not register for the EWT.

Non-engineering students who wish to register for ENCS 282 must also fulfill the writing skills requirement before registering for this course.

Please note: Students cannot register for 400 level courses until all 200 level courses are completed, as per Faculty policy.

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