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The Iron Ring is worn by Canadian-trained engineers, presented to graduates in a closed ceremony since 1922.  The Iron Ring is worn on the little finger of an engineer’s dominant hand, because it could drag on the writing surface while the engineer is drawing or writing, serving as a daily reminder of their moral, ethical and professional commitments.

The Obligation (Iron Ring) Ceremony

The ceremony is an entirely voluntary act on your part, and your attendance will have no effect on your academic or legal status as an engineer. 

As it is a solemn occasion, semi-formal attire is required. Late comers will not be admitted.  You will have to wait until the next ceremony. Cameras and/or video cameras are not permitted during the ceremony.

For information on guests, please contact the Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA).

Replace a lost ring? Change a size?

In Person

  • To replace a lost ring, please schedule an appointment via email at Please include your full name, date of ceremony and obligation certificate number with your request.
  • With your certificate you may get a replacement ring at most Canadian universities in their Engineering Department.
  • The cost of a replacement ring is $25.00 CAD. Interact and credit cards are not accepted.
  • If your ring size is incorrect, there is no charge to exchange an iron ring if it is done within one (1) month of an Obligation Ceremony or purchase of a replacement ring, based on the condition that the ring has no damage (e.g. scratches). After that delay, or if damaged, you must pay $25.00 CAD for a new iron ring. 


  • You can also request a replacement ring through the Corporation of the Seven Wardens by filling out the Order Form online and the ring will be sent to you by regular mail.

Corporation of the Seven Wardens

Trustees of the iron rings and the obligation ritual for new graduates.

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