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Discover, create and build the technology that shapes our daily lives –
and reinvent the way we live.

What is engineering?

Engineers are the builders of modern society. Built on a foundation of mathematics and science, engineering education teaches you to design products, systems and processes that will be creative solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

Engineering disciplines

Concordia University offers programs in Building, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial and Software Engineering. Within each of these programs, students also have an opportunity to specialize in areas from aerospace to environment, to telecommunications, to name only a few.

What is computer science?

Computer Science uses theoretical and mathematical foundations of computation to understand both software and hardware structure for effective and creative design.

At Concordia University our program allows students to specialize or generalize with options in Software Systems, Computer Systems, Information Systems or Computer Applications. We also have a unique program with the Faculty of Fine Arts that allows students to have a joint major in Digital Image and Sound.

Speak with a recruiter

Sarah Makhlouf, Student Recruitment Officer for the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science is available to answer your questions about studying at Concordia. Register for an information session to learn more about the Gina Cody School and the many programs we offer in engineering and computer science, and how to submit your application.

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