Quebec Perspective Bursary

Students in the relevant programs are eligible for $2,500 per successful full-time term of study for a maximum of $15,000 for a three-year program, and $20,000 for a four-year program.

Eligible students must re-apply at the end of each successfully completed term. Bursaries will be paid after the successful completion of the term once confirmed by the University with the Ministry.

Important note for Engineering and Bachelor of Computer Science students

Please note that the application form is experiencing difficulties processing requests for certain options in these degree programs. You may receive a message indicating the following: Based on the information we have, you are enrolled in a program different from the one you selected.

We are working with the Education Ministry to resolve this issue, which may take a few days. We will update this page once the error is resolved. 

Application & eligibility details

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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