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Software Engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering (BEng)

As a software engineer, your knowledge of software architectures, continuous integration and microprocessors allow you to design, code, and test software products.

Master of Software Engineering (MEng)

The MEng is a course-based program for practicing software engineers and is open to candidates interested in either full- or part-time study. The MEng program enables students to apply their professional experiences and broaden their understanding of advanced software engineering and other technological concepts.  

Master of Software Engineering (MASc)

The MASc in Software Engineering program combines course work with a significant introduction to original research supervised by one or more faculty members. It prepares students to present their work in a thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Software Engineering)

The PhD in Software Engineering program offers you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of sophisticated engineering methodologies through an application of mathematical, computer science and software engineering concepts.  

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