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Readmission to the Gina Cody School

Applying for readmission (2023–2024)

Students in failed standing in 2021-2022 and students who have been in failed standings previously and were dismissed from the university, may apply for readmission for 2023–2024 using the following admission form: 

Application for readmission

Students must upload the form with all relevant documents to their Student Service Centre (please upload the document as one single PDF, select "ENCS - Readmission Application" as the document type). The link to upload your document can also be found on the Student Hub's My CU Account page.

The deadline to apply for readmission is June 15, 2023.

Failed Standing

Students in failed standing may only be readmitted in the Fall session (September).

Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar, Failed Standing in Section 71.10.3 to review the regulations for readmitted students.

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