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Changes to registration

Students should register for both the Fall and Winter terms at the beginning of the registration cycle.

Students are reminded that registration in specific course sections is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To add or drop a course:
  1. Students who wish to add or withdraw from a course or courses must do so online. The link can also be found in the Student Hub My CU Account. The withdrawal (DNE and DISC) deadline dates can be found at Term Dates and Deadlines.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Registration Guide.

Note: If the course you wish to DISC is a co-requisite* for a course you are also registered in, you will not be able to DISC one course without the other. To request exceptional permission to DISC only one course, please submit a Student Request: Registration questions and or issues.

*A co-requisite is when a specific course must be taken in the same academic term as another course unless you’ve already successfully completed it.


Course withdrawal

There are two different types of course withdrawal:

The withdrawal (DNE and DISC) deadline dates can be found at Term Dates and Deadlines.

DNE (Did Not Enter)

The DNE withdrawal has no academic or financial impact on the student and does not appear on the student’s academic record.

DISC (Discontinued)

The DISC withdrawal has both academic and financial impact on the student. For the course from which the student officially withdraws between the DNE and DISC deadlines, the DISC withdrawal notation remains on a student record and official transcript, but does not affect the student’s GPA. Nevertheless, the student is financially responsible for the payment of all tuition and other fees pertaining to the course. When dropping courses online, students must make sure to confirm the transaction and/or verify their registration record to make sure that the course was properly dropped.

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