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The John Molson Business School revises its MSc in Management program

The move will further Concordia’s efforts to bridge the gap between research and industry
May 4, 2021
By Katie Malazdrewicz

Smiling woman with long, dark hair, green eyes and a blue shirt. Kathleen Boies, associate dean of research and research graduate programs at the John Molson School of Business.

Many believe that students in research-based programs will ultimately pursue a PhD, continue in academia and teach. The reality, however, is that they have a wealth of opportunities to enter — or return to — industry as specialists in their field.

With this in mind, the researched-based Master of Science in Management program at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business is currently undergoing a curriculum update.

While all of John Molson’s MSc programs are undergoing similar changes, the MSc in Management is the first to run a new Seminar in Consulting course (MSCA 654) as a pilot project. The fully updated curriculum will launch in September.

“The curriculum revisions will help to broaden the opportunities available to MSc students after they graduate,” explains Kathleen Boies, associate dean of research and research graduate programs at the school.

“There has always been this sense that, by pursuing a research-based degree, the path ahead of you remained in academia. While this is a very fruitful and important path, entering industry is actually very accessible and an important option to consider.”

She adds that the program is maintaining the rigorous aspect of project management and analytic skills through the thesis component, but these new aspects will help make graduates that much more marketable and open more doors for them.

Young, smiling Black man with a patterned dress shirt. Michael Ogoms, a first-year student in the MSc program.

‘The class allowed me to feel very prepared and confident’

The new seminar course has been designed with a novel approach of combining research and practice. Students develop a comprehensive and critical perspective regarding the consulting profession. Enhanced by the inclusion of many high-level guest speakers, students gain a greater understanding of the fundamental consulting concepts and the engaging and important research conducted in that area.

“The seminar in consulting taught by assistant professor Ehsan Derayati demonstrated the major theoretical concepts of consulting and allowed for guest speakers to enrich the class discussion,” explains Michael Ogoms, a first-year student in the MSc program.

“Combining both these theoretical and practical aspects allowed me to feel very prepared and confident going into my consulting interviews and now summer internship.”

Additionally, for the first time and as part of a summer pilot project, a select number of MSc management students are now able to register for the  John Molson MBA program’s Community Service Initiative (CSI) course. The MBA CSI encourages and promotes community service and connects John Molson resources and talent with the needs of communities, including nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, small businesses, governmental agencies and institutions.

Finally, starting in September 2021, all students in the MSc Management program will be required to participate in professional development workshops, which will better position them to enter fields like consulting. The remaining MSc programs in Finance and Marketing, and the Master in Supply Chain Management, will each see their curricula updated over the course of the next two years.

“We are excited about this evolution of the MSc programs and look forward to working with our students to better equip them for all the career paths available to them,” Boies says.

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Concordia’s Master of Science in Management and the MBA program’s Community Service Initiative.


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