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Email management on a Mac

If you are approaching your quota on your Concordia Exchange email account, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Concordia University does not increase quotas on anyone's email account. They have put in place an Online Archive which just shows up as another folder in your email client sidebar. On a Mac it works like all other Microsoft programs, not very well. You can only transfer one message at a time and searching the archive does not work.

To use the archive, you should use Outlook's web interface at There you can move multiple messages at once and actually search the archive. Not convenient for sure but better than nothing.

If you do nothing after receiving an email that mentions you are approaching your quota, the online archive will automatically move older messages to it, so your account does not get 100% full and you can still receive messages.

The only other alternative if working through does not suit you is to have your email stored locally on your computer. In Outlook's preferences under General, there is an option to not hide the local folders in your email program. Make sure it's not checked (see image below) and you can make whatever folders you like inside Outlook. These folders appear in your Outlook program in a section called On My Computer which really means just on this one computer. This means that if you move items to this section of folders, you will never see them if you have aother computer at home. Once you move the server emails to these folders, you can then delete them from the online Inbox (Exchange) to make more room for recent emails you need to keep on more than one device. Emails kept to the local computer do affect your online Exchange quota.

Things to consider:

1. Keeping all emails from previous employees that had your position is unsustainable. Just file away important ones and get rid of the rest.

2. The quota (2GB) given by the university, while not large is more than adequate for all users in order to do their job.

3. If you really can't live with the quota you may want to use something like Gmail that gives you 15GB.

4. Don't use Outlook as your do everything program. People use it to transfer or keep large files because it's convenient. Some teachers also use their email to accept assignments. There are other systems available to you that will not impact your email quota so just ask us and we'll be glad to recommend something better.

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