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11 Fringe Festival shows with a Concordia connection

June 8, 2017
By Jen Cressey

The Montreal Fringe Festival is in full swing. Concordia students, faculty and alumni usually have a strong presence in the festival and this year is no exeception.

The Fringe runs until June 18 so you have plenty of time to catch some great theatre.

Here are Fringe shows with a Concordia connection:

TLDR; SMH, photo of actor Burcu Emec (BFA Theatre Performance, Minor Western Society and Culture, 2017). Photo by Alex Tran TLDR; SMH, photo of actor Burcu Emec (BFA Theatre Performance, Minor Western Society and Culture, 2017). Photo by Alex Tran


Concordia connection: Burcu Emec (BFA Theatre Performance, Minor Western Society and Culture, 2017)

"A one-woman show curious about brown feminism, Kurdish-Canadian identity, survival, and resistance."

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2. Invasive Species

Concordia connection: Sophie El-Assaad (BFA Design for the Theatre, 2015), Gabriel Schultz (BFA Theatre Performance, 2016)

"In Invasive Species, we ride on board train 49 with Junior, a professional toad hunter and raging venom addict. In this sweaty, southern, bourbon soaked universe we are absorbed into his tormented fantasy and his vengeful obsession with the Cane Toad: The most invasive amphibian on planet earth."

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3.  Scrum

Concordia connections: Natasha Perry-Fagant (BFA Theatre Performance, 2013), Nic Turcotte (BFA Theatre Performance, 2015), Chris Hicks (BFA Theatre Performance, 2012), Lexxus Reid (current student in the BFA Theatre and Development), Roxanne Loumède (BFA Theatre Performance, 2015)

"From the company that premiered the groundbreaking work "A David Lynch Wet Dream" at the 2016 Montreal fringe comes “SCRUM”; an ensemble multimedia movement piece. Director Natasha Perry-Fagant examines trauma and the disconnect found in daily life, incorporating encompassing soundscapes and stunning visuals for a truly wrenching experience." 

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4.  Docile Bodies

Concordia connection: Michelle Soicher (BFA Theatre Major, 2016)

"A devised adaptation of Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, the performance questions how power is internalized and perpetuated, specifically in relation to gender. Five female combatants remember, glorify and question the ways in which their minds and bodies have been chiselled by the military through movement, sound and narrative."

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5.  Nonna’s Story

Concordia connection: Antonio Bavaro (BFA Theatre and Development, 2014)

"Weaving in and out of memory and fantasy, time and place, we meet an Italian grandmother and some of her family through the eyes of her grandson: who is searching for some meaning in her life and death. Part verbatim interview, part poetry, part dream, part cultural tapestry."

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6.  The Detective, the Dame, and the Devil

Concordia connections: Scott Humphrey (BFA Theatre Performance, 2010), Elizabeth Neale (BFA Theatre Performance, 2010), Kate Hagemeyer (BFA Theatre Major, Minor History, 2011)

"A troubled detective, down to his last dime; a mysterious dame, cool as a cucumber; a maniacal husband, out for revenge. But who to believe in this crazy world of danger, intrigue, wordplay, and the odd anachronism? Welcome to Spadesy’s Private Investigation: no case too small, no laugh too cheap."

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7.  Limn

Concordia connection: Kristen "Birdie" Gregor (BFA Theatre Major, 2010)

"LIMN is the outcome of an ongoing exploration into ritual and privacy. See what you see. Expectations will limit your experience. Feedback is encouraged."

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8.  Elsewhere

Concordia connections: Joy Ross-Jones (BFA Theatre and Development, current student in MA Art Education), Leslie Baker (Part Time Faculty)

"A mother sells food on the black market to feed her children. A man eats powdered milk to survive. A cop struggles with allegiances. A grandmother strengthens her grandkids with hope. A man sits in prison. She watches from afar. Six masked characters experience one beautiful country’s collapse into absurdity."

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9.     One Too Many

Concordia connections: Calla Wright (BFA Playwriting, 2016), Evan Harvey (BFA Theatre Performance, 2016), Michelle Lee (BFA Design for the Theatre, 2016), Michelle Langlois-Fequet (BFA Theatre Major, 2017)

"One Too Many is a post-dramatic collective creation about alcohol, substance abuse and friendship. Join us on an adventure filled with indulgence, shenanigans and tomfoolery."

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10.  The Monkey King Gets His Staff

Concordia connections: Avi Bendahan (BFA Theatre Major, 2010, Part-time faculty), Shijia 'Michelle' Jiang (Part-time Faculty)

"Sun WuKong, the Monkey King, is an amazing fighter! But unfortunately, he doesn’t have a weapon. This fun-filled/ comedic/ traditional/ colourful /rowdy adventure sees him visiting the palace of the great Dragon King of the Eastern Sea in order to borrow one!"

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11.  Shelter in Shadows

Concordia connection: Mary Davidson (BFA Playwriting, 2007)

"After sharing many strange travels and experiences together, two characters surprisingly find themselves fleeing from a funeral and taking shelter in a church for completely separate reasons. What follows is an exploration of dreams, sounds, letting go of the past and realizing what now needs to be done."

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