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Meet five new tenure-track professors

December 18, 2017
By Andy Murdoch

New faculty, from left: M Wright, Nadia Myre, Jessica Carmichael, Kelly Jazvac and Shauna Janssen. New faculty, from left: M Wright, Nadia Myre, Jessica Carmichael, Kelly Jazvac and Shauna Janssen.


We are pleased to announce that five (yes, five) fabulous new tenure-track faculty were appointed to the Faculty of Fine Arts this year. Four of them have been working amongst you during the Fall term and the fifth, associate professor Kelly Jazvac, will start  teaching sculpture classes in January 2018. We took the opportunity this Fall to ask them all some question by means of an introduction. Take a moment to meet our newest faculty members!

Nadia Myre: Studio Arts

Nadia Myre

Nadia Myre creates cutting-edge scholarship in Indigenous art practice and fosters innovative developments in visual arts by bringing together ancestral and contemporary methods of working to facilitate meaningful, intersectional exchanges between Indigenous peoples and colonial settler society. In an era of proposed reconciliation between the Canadian government and indigenous peoples, my work seeks to bridge the gaps of understanding between communities.

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Jessica Carmichael: Theatre

Jessica Carmichael

Jessica Carmichael is interested in experimental and contemporary theatre practice, as well as re-examining the body of classic western works in non-traditional adaptations and forms. As a mixed non-status Abenaki and Euro artist, she seeks to explore non-traditional and non-hierarchical storytelling methods.

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Kelly Jazvac: Studio Arts

Kelly Jazvac

Sculpture and plastics pollution are Kelly Jazvac's main areas of interest. She uses salvaged plastic to make installations, sculptures and collages that examine the connections and consequences between patterns of consumption and production and environmental harm. She is also part of an interdisciplinary plastics pollution research group that works on ways the arts can work with science to generate complex and multi-layered visualizations of hard-to-see environmental issues.

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Shauna Janssen: Theatre

Shauna Janssen

Shauna Janssen's artistic practice is social and transdisciplinary one in that she brings together artists and people working across a diverse section of practices, mediums, discourses, and research. She loves to build community between people around shared concerns that may express themselves collectively through performance, installations, and public art engagements.

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M Wright: Design and Computation Arts

M Wright

M Wright is a graphic designer interested in shaping visual narratives, both on and off the page. As a book designer, she finds ways of questioning and at times subverting the expectations of what a book is, and what it can be. She sees graphic design as an inherently social medium, and many of her recent projects take on political topics from a feminist/queer perspective.

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