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Up your academic game by consulting the resources below. These tools have been conceived, tried and tested by our team of learning experts. 

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Handouts and worksheets

Plan your time to manage your course load and maintain a balance in your life. Get an overview of your semester using our semester planners or use our finding time to study worksheet to develop a weekly schedule of study time. 

Note-taking Learn how to take effective notes in class so that you capture the most important information and have a strategy to review and remember it after class:


UNSS 200: Self-Management Strategies (1.5 complementary credit couse)

Undergraduate students only

This course focuses on managing time and stress, maintaining motivation and exploring effective study strategies. Through this process, you will develop skills to reach your learning goals and avoid the pitfalls that can take you off-track. This is a great opportunity to enhance your university experience through discovering your strengths and adopting a growth mindset.

Course objectives:

  • Understand and apply effective personal strategies (self-responsibility, goal setting, motivation & time and stress management)
  • Integrate appropriate academic strategies to your courses and learning experiences
  • Discover and use Concordia resources

The coursework includes:

  • Online and text-based resources
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Self-reflective journals
  • Portfolio documenting personal growth and academic development
  • Weekly online attendance: class work is interactive and self-reflective

UNSS 201: Successful Study Strategies

UNSS 201 focuses on enhancing each student’s potential for academic success through developing strategies for active learning, including effective-notetaking, active reading, writing, preparing for exams and improving memory and concentration. Students will be encouraged to apply these strategies in their other courses. For this reason, UNSS 201 is organized into subject-specific sections for the Faculty of Arts and Science, John Molson School of Business and the Gina Cody School of Enginnering and Computer Science.

Course objectives:

  • Understand and practice using effective study strategies to enhance learning
  • Apply study strategies to course work in their academic program
  • Discover and use Concordia resources

The coursework includes:

  • Online and text-based resources
  • Short assignments and quizzes
  • Portfolio documenting personal growth and academic development
  • Weekly attendance: class work is interactive and self-reflective
  • Final exam

Register for an UNSS course

Email and include the following information. Space is limited – so secure your spot now!

  • Full name
  • Academic program
  • Student ID number

Once you have been unblocked for registration, please enroll in the course. (You can also find the link to add courses on the Student Hub's My CU Account page.)

NOTE: This course will not count towards your program credits or as an elective. Students pay tuition for this course according to the Concordia tuition scale

This course is not recognized as part of the course credit requirements for government student aid. For example: for loan programs requiring students to study full time (a minimum of 12 credits per term), a student will need to take 12 credits in addition to the 1.5 credits from the UNSS course.

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