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Preparing for exams

During the term

Find out early on in your course how and when you will be evaluated

  • Learn consistently and prepare yourself for exams throughout the term

Learn as you go

  • Review and practice after each lecture

Test yourself often

  • Find out what you know and what you don't know
  • Practice what you have difficulty doing

Prepare summary sheets, graphic organizers or study aids as you go through the semester. Don’t do them all at once and just before the exam

1 - 2 weeks before the exam

Identify themes/topics that will be on the exam

  • Always go to the last class before the exam; check the course outline to know what’s expected by the professor
  • Use the Semester Planner to plan available study time to cover all themes/topics that will be on the exam

Review the material using and adding to the summary sheets and graphic organizers you had already prepared

Test yourself:

  • Do the exam activity under exam conditions (no books or notes + time limit)
  • Predict questions and/or use past exams
  • Use the practice questions often found in textbook

Improve retention of main ideas through:

  • Elaboration
  • Visualization
  • Application
  • Reflection
  • Connection
  • Repetition

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