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Time management: Five tips for success in university

1. Use a semester planner

Get the big picture and gather all your deadlines and projects on one page.

2. Use a grid to find time to study

Plan out your weekly routine, including time for work, classes, personal obligations, self-care, meals, commuting and study time. Aim to spread your study time out across the week to maximise retention and understanding. 

3. Schedule breaks to recharge

Shorter study blocks and scheduled breaks can help with concentration and motivation. Try using a timer to signal your break, and try to get up and move around a bit during your break. 

4. Make a daily to-do list

Start each day by checking in with your semester planner and finding time to study grid, and use them to draft a list of goals to complete that day. At the end of the day, take stock of what you completed. 

5. Break down large tasks into smaller steps

If you're feeling overwhelmed by a big task like a project or paper, you can start by re-reading the assignment directions and make a list of the steps required to complete the task. Try out our writing assignement calculator to estimate how long each task will take. 

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