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John Molson Co-op Admissions

Applicants from CEGEP & University

You must have a minimum 3.00 GPA or a 28.00 CRC (30 for Accountancy and Finance) and at least 60 credits left in your program in order to qualify.

How do I apply to the Co-op program?

New applicants: Please check Co-op box on your application to Concordia University.

Transfer students: If you are a transfer student from another part of the University, please check the Co-op box on your transfer application.

Current John Molson students: If you're already in John Molson then click here to apply to the Co-op program or else go to the Institute for Co-operative Education (ICE) for more information. Applications are reviewed in September for the fall term and in January for the winter term.

How do I know what courses to register for and ensure the correct sequence?


Students are required to follow the correct sequence for their core COMM courses and their specific Major. The following points will ensure you're registered for the correct courses.

NOTE: You will receive an official Course Sequence from the John Molson Co-op Administrative Assistant by email. In the interim, to view examples of recommended course selection and sequence, click on your specific major further below.

  • You must register for any course deficiencies as identified in your letter of admission
    Example: BTM 200, MATH 208, MATH 209, ECON 201, ECON 203, ESL 202, 204, 205
  • COMM core courses must be taken in the correct sequence
    Example: You must first complete COMM 205 and COMM 210 before all other COMM courses
  • MAJOR courses must also be taken in the correct sequence

NOTE: If you are starting in a fall term, you will be able to register for both fall and winter courses. Summer courses will be only available in March of the following year.

To see examples of course sequences click on your Major below:

Still have questions?

See our general Frequently Asked Questions

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