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The MBA Cooperative Education program offers students the opportunity to participate in paid internships in Canada, the US or abroad, for one semester or more. The Co-op program is a non-credit option and is offered only to JMSB MBA students who:

  • Are registered as full-time students
  • Have completed eight courses (24 credits) of the program
  • Have a CGPA of 3.3 or higher

MBA Co-op students typically complete one work term (four months). Co-op students must return to full-time study for the last term of their degree.

Graduate students are required to pay four (4) Co-op fees, for a total of $740. The fees will begin upon admission to Co-op and the last fee will be charged during the work term.

For current JMSB MBA students, application deadlines are as follows:

September 15th for the summer work term of the following year
January 15th for the fall work term
April 15th for the winter work term of the following year


If you meet the requirements, please

1. fill out and submit your MBA Co-op Application

  • including your current student record and previous degree transcript (unofficial),
  • your CV/résumé, and
  • a completed Letter of Intent portion of the form (use the form, do not attach another page for this)

2. if your application should be deemed admissible, I will request an interview with you

3. final approval rests with the Institute for Co-operative Education Director

For more information, please contact Nathalie Steverman, Co-op Program Coordinator, Institute for Co-operative Education at 514-848-2424, ext. 3045.

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