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Independent study guidelines

General guidelines

  • Independent Study courses are equivalent to three (3) credits.
  • Students must have attained a CGPA of 3.30 (B+) and completed 48 credits in their program (Design or Computation Arts).
  • Supervisor must be a full-time faculty member.
  • Students are required to complete the work within the regular academic deadlines of the session in which the course will be taken, and the instructor will submit the grade in accordance with the same deadlines as outlined in the undergraduate calendar.
  • Students who have an "Independent student" status cannot register for independent study courses.
  • Documents are to be submitted to the Department (EV 6.761) two weeks prior to the first day of class to which the student wishes to be registered.
    Summer1—April 15,
    Summer2—June 15,
    Fall—August 15,
    Winter—December 15
  • The DNE and DISC deadlines must be respected. 

Course numbers and prerequisites

Computation Arts

  • CART 457 Independent Study I (3 credits) 
  • CART 458 Independent Study II (3 credits)
  • CART 459 Independent Study III (3 credits)


  • DART 461 Independent Study I (3 credits)
  • DART 462 Independent Study II (3 credits)
  • DART 462 Independent Study III (3 credits)


48 credits in the Design or Computation Arts program and written permission of the Department. This course provides an opportunity for a limited number of students to pursue advanced studies in a research and creation project under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. A clearly defined written agreement between the student and the faculty supervisor is required before the independent study is approved.

NOTE: Students may count a maximum of nine credits in independent studies towards their degree program.

How to apply– documents to submit for application

  1. Internship form (signed by the student) and a copy of their student record (downloaded from portal).
  2. See the Department Assistant (Kathy McAleese, EV 6.761) for her signature and recommendation.
  3. Find a full-time faculty member for supervision. Discuss your proposal.
  4. After consultation with your full-time faculty supervisor, write and get final approval on the proposal.
  5. The faculty supervisor must write an agreement statement (to be included in the documents to be submitted).


  • The student must submit a two (2) page proposal, which includes the purpose, and objectives of the independent study and why the project is valuable to the student’s field of study in Design or Computation Arts.
  • The full-time supervising faculty member agrees to meet with the student and supervise their progress during the term. The supervisor must attach an agreement statement, which includes expectations, schedule of meetings and basis and method of evaluation which can be submitted by email to the Department.
  • A copy of the complete proposal should be attached to the professional internship/independent study form and submitted to the Department Assistant (Kathy McAleese) in EV6.761.
  • In order for the proposal to go forward the independent study proposal must have:
    • The signed acceptance of a faculty supervisor who has reviewed the proposal.

Final report

  • The complete document is required before grades can be assigned. The length of the report is normally 6-10 pages.
  • The independent study proposal should be included in the final report. The report will be used for departmental review.
  • The report must summarize:
    • What was gained from the independent study including personal growth and technical and conceptual skills. 
    • Why was the independent study important for the student’s program of study.
    • State the nature of the work environment including whether the independent study involved teamwork, individual tasks or other.
    • Photos, screenshots, DVD and digital images or other documentation may be submitted to demonstrate the progression of work.
  • The text document must be of good quality with edits, spell and grammar checks completed. All supporting visual documentation must be formatted and of good quality.
  • Any changes or modifications to the independent study proposal agreement must be clearly stated in the report.
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