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Les enjeux de justice sociale requièrent une approche multidisciplinaire. Rencontrez les associé.es à notre centre.



  • Associate Professor (Film Animation), Cinema
    Neurodiversity, motherhood, animation, animated documentary, under camera animation, clay animation, direct animation, community based animation, autism, gender and neurodiversity, Down syndrome, maternal health, diversity, inclusion, social justice animation
  • Associate Professor and practicum coordinator, Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    Drama therapy, trauma, attachment, research-creation, performed autoethnography, psychoanalysis, ethnography, embodied knowledge, play therapy, family therapy, parenting, experimental theater, theater for social change, arts-based learning, risk factors/ protective factors, borderline personality disorder, child and youth care, suicide intervention, mental health, pedagogy
  • Professor, Art History
    Associate Dean, Faculty Relations & Inclusion, Fine Arts
    meaning, Canadian art history, selfhood, women artists, subjectivity, colonialism, indigenous-settler relations, aesthetics, art historiography, 19th century, art-historical method, feminism, visual culture, Canadian cultural history, art theory, art and philosophy, material culture, identity
  • Professor of Contemporary Art History, Art History
    Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Curatorial Studies and Decolonizing Art Institutions (Tier 1)
    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Diasporic Visual Culture and the Americas (Brill)
    Graduate Program Director (GPD), as of July 1, 2023, Art History
  • Assistant Professor, Studio Arts
    cultural history, art and re-enactment, art and archives, creative writing, social practice art, social justice and art and politics, critical pedagogy, histories of social science and medicine, historiographies in art and design
  • Associate Professor, Theatre
    oral history performance, listening/hearing, experimental theatre, research-creation, social innovation, documentary theatre, walking, participatory processes, sound, activism, war and memory, theatre for social change, relational art, storytelling, representation, drama/performance, violence, performance studies, Latin America, participatory art

Lettres et sciences humaines


  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Political Economy, Ecological Economics, Development Economics, Economic Alternatives Political Ecology, Feminist Economics, Social Movements
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    public space, urban design, social movements, collaborative community planning, open-source cities, planning theory, urban environmental psychology, subaltern urbanisms and insurgent planning/design.
  • Associate Professor, Psychology
    cognitive development, social cognition, comparative cognition, prosocial behaviour, trust, cooperation
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Political ecology, historical and economic geographies of the Americas and particularly Guatemala, social theory, entanglements of development and militarization, politics of expertise, post-disaster reconstruction
  • Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
    Research Member, PERFORM Centre
    Affiliate, Department of Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
    Fellow, Science College
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Indentured Labour; Postcolonialism, Caribbean Studies, Decolonization; Diaspora, Migration, and Transnationalism; Protest and Resistance
  • Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    political economy, labour market intermediaries, workforce development, artisanal cooperatives, social/solidarity economy, economic restructuring
  • Associate Professor and Chair, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Transportation policy, projects and politics; built environment characteristics of Canada's metropolitan areas; urban sprawl and the effect of legally protecting non-urban land; urban planning in the developing world.

Sciences sociales

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