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Student associations

Whatever your  interests, there is sure to be a related student association or club. From animation, cinema and ceramics, to printmaking, electroacoustics and theatre, the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) has you covered. You never know – a chance encounter could open the door to an artistic collaboration! 

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

FASA is the umbrella organization representing all students enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts, and also administers all Fine Arts clubs. FASA supports student endeavour in the Fine Arts by issuing special project grants to individual and group applicants twice per year and by providing operational funding to student clubs and organizations. FASA seeks to improve the quality of Fine Arts student life at Concordia by representing students to the University administration, offering a variety of services and organizing diverse social events. FASA is always looking for students to volunteer and help out with campaigns and events. For more information, visit the FASA website.

FASA Clubs

Clubs recognized by FASA range from departmental student associations to clubs organized around specific interests. For a complete list of FASA clubs and information about club registration and funding, visit FASA Clubs.

University-wide clubs & associations

There is also a wide range of Concordia-wide student groups and clubs to suit every interest from cultural and religious to social and academic groups. Explore the many ways you can get involved in university life!

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