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So, you have an idea for a creative project? That’s half the battle. But where will the money come from? As luck would have it, Concordia undergraduate students are rather well served by a variety of funding opportunities right here on campus.

Funding for Fine Arts students

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) Special Projects Grants

FASA disburses special-projects grants to students twice per year, once in October and once in February. FASA awards up to $250 for successful individual applicants and up to $500 for successful group/club applicants. Typically FASA earmarks a substantial part of its budget for special projects, so students stand a good chance of being selected.

Funding for all students

Concordia Council on Student Life Special Project Grants

Administered from the Dean of Students’ office, the CCSL disburses special-project allocations to student applicants twice per year. Visit the CCSL pages for more information.

Concordia University Small Grants Program

The Concordia University Small Grants Program (CUSGP) is designed to enhance the student experience at Concordia, both academically and in their engagement with our communities – locally, nationally and internationally. The CUSGP assists undergraduate and graduate students by offering supplemental financial support of up to $1,000, on a competitive basis, towards a special project that meets the criteria. For full details and eligibility, see the Concordia University Small Grants Program guidelines.

Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA) Special Projects Grants

The CUAA disburses special-project allocations to student applicants four times per year, usually to a maximum of $500 per project. The CUAA tends to favour projects that will benefit a large number of students. For more information (deadlines, guidelines, etc.), visit the Alumni Relations funding page.

Concordia Students’ Union (CSU) Special Project Grants

The CSU has an annual fund of some $20,000 allocated for special-project funding. The CSU Finance Committee meets from time to time throughout the year, at which points special-project applications are considered. The CSU does not specify particular deadlines or award amounts, and awards are disbursed as funds allow. Applicants need to submit a project proposal and budget to the CSU’s Vice President Finance. For more information, please visit the CSU’s website.

One Percent Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) Special Project Grants

The SAF makes two special-project disbursements per year, totaling $80,000 in funding, to support sustainable initiatives and to “build a culture of sustainability on campus.” Evaluation criteria are quite specific, and project reporting from successful recipients is required. Please visit the SAF website for more information.

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