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CUAA Student Project Fund

The Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA) provides support to student clubs and organizations to enhance the student experience and strengthen ties between students and the alumni community.

Application process

  • Applications are reviewed four times a year (September, November, January, and March) and funds are allocated by a committee of the CUAA: the Student and Young Alumni Team.
  • Funding support is provided to both undergraduate and graduate students; most grants do not exceed $500. Unique projects with a distinct impact on the Concordia community may receive funding up to $1000.

Application criteria

  • Applicants must be full/part time Concordia students or a recognized Concordia student association.
  • The project must benefit a group of Concordia students and cannot be an individual student project.
  • The project must further student learning and development.
  • The project must recognize and promote the CUAA as a source of funding for student initiatives.
  • All student groups are expected to submit their application in the funding period that coincides with their project or event.

What projects are not eligible to receive CUAA funding?

  • Proposals that include personal expenses
  • Proposals that request funding for travel
  • Any activity that does not uphold the standards and spirit of Concordia University
  • The CUAA does not provide funding for alcohol-related expenses.
  • The CUAA does not provide funding for seed ventures.

What details strengthen your application?

  • Showcase the impact and reach on Concordia community:
    • Are students, alumni, faculty, staff, or friends involved? If so, how extensive is this reach?
  • Initiatives that emphasize interaction between alumni and students will be prioritized.
  • A clear budget with details related to costs, expenses, revenue, sponsorships, additional sources of funding etc.
  • A clear plan to demonstrate the feasibility of project completion or success.


Successful CUAA fund recipients are required to:

  • Publicly recognize and promote the CUAA Student Project Fund as a donor upon receipt of CUAA funding.
  • Cash their cheque within 30 days of issuance.
  • Provide a report within a month after the receipt of funding:
    • Final accounting demonstrating breakdown of total funds.
    • A brief explanation for the social or educational impact of the event.
  • Attend an annual CUAA meet-and-greet event in April.

Important dates

Deadline for submissions Disbursement of funds
September 23 October
November 18 December
January 27 February
March 24 April

Applications received after a deadline will considered on the following deadline.

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