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Join the global movement to shape our communities through the collective power of giving!

In the days leading up to November 28, 2023, we’re asking our generous supporters to give to one of this year’s featured areas: financial aid and awards for students, Concordia Stingers and other athletics programs, or a fund of their choice!

Student Support Matters

How scholarships, bursaries and fellowships work

Financial aid and awards play a crucial role in helping students manage the costs of their tuition, textbooks, living expenses, and other educational costs. Their financial needs vary greatly according to their area and level of study, as well as province or country of origin.

This Giving Tuesday we are asking our community to help meet these needs with a gift to the Scholarships, Bursaries and Fellowships Fund. The combined philanthropic power of donors like you will help us support and encourage deserving students as they work through their studies, and help set them up for success after graduation.

Specifically, donations will help renew and create:

  1. Merit-Based Scholarships, which are awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements, leadership skills, or other notable accomplishments, for example in sports or community-building initiatives.
  2. Need-Based Bursaries, which are distributed upon application, and according to demonstrated financial need.
  3. Graduate Fellowships, which are used to recruit and support talented students pursuing advanced degrees, and in some cases conducting research.

Such awards are some of Concordia’s best tools to advance equitable access to higher education, and increase opportunities for members of historically underrepresented groups.  

Learn more about the types of expenses a student at Concordia can expect — including tuition, mandatory fees, textbooks and living expenses — depending on area of study.

The problem with student debt

While it’s true that students can access loans to finance their education, there can be serious and long-lasting consequences to this approach, depending on the student’s needs and circumstances. When a student graduates with significant student debt, it can result in:

  • Deferred or abandoned career-building education, such as professional degrees, diplomas or certifications;
  • Limited career choices, where students choose higher-paying jobs over positions more in line with their training, career goals or interests;
  • Delayed financial milestones, including buying a home, starting a family or saving for retirement;
  • Negative impact on mental health, caused by stress and anxiety, or feeling limited with respect to future opportunities.
  • Postponed entrepreneurship, where the financial risk of starting one’s own company feels too burdensome, limiting innovation and economic growth.

A strategic financial plan can help navigate such obstacles, but as a community we can work together to prevent them at the source by increasing the support available to students. Please give generously to the Scholarships, Bursaries and Fellowships Fund today.


Help recruit athletic talent and support students in their sport and in the classroom.

Supporting the Department of Athletics varsity programs helps develop top-notch student athletes by providing athletic awards, elite training opportunities and the chance to compete with the best teams nationally and internationally.

Continue the tradition of supporting Concordia's next generation of student athletes.

Donor’s Choice

Help Concordia students access the resources they need to succeed

No matter which Concordia fund or program you choose this Giving Tuesday, your support matters. Last year more than $425,000 was given to more than 85 funds at the university – a shining example of the charitable impact our community can make. With your help, we can do even more for our students this year. Happy giving!

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