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Upon graduation, all holders of degrees, diplomas and certificates from Concordia become members of the alumni association for life. A person who has completed at least 30 credits and has not been enrolled in courses for at least one year is considered a non⁠-⁠graduate with full alumni privileges.

The CUAA works with Alumni Relations to bring all graduates many perks and programs, including:

The CUAA also supports Concordia students by:


Executive committee

Linda Donnini, BSc 91

Immediate Past President
Kim Fuller, BFA 96

Corporate Secretary
Miranda Melfi, BComm 86

Simon Foucher, MBA 16

Executive Vice-President
David Kierans, BA 75

Vice-President, Philanthropy
Nura Jabagi, MBA 14

Vice-President, Strategic Volunteer Engagement
Mario Ciaramicoli, BEng 02

President, Loyola Alumni Founding Chapter
John Limeburner, BComm 68

President, Sir George Williams University Alumni Founding Chapter
Ian Macleod, BA 70


  • Lesley Antoun, BEng 95
  • Andréanne Biron, BEng 07
  • Alexandre Davidson, BComm 16
  • Nichola Dyer, BA 85
  • Lyn Fong, BA 02
  • Pui Sum Fong, BComm 16
  • Susannah Tam, MBA 82
  • Vicki Variantzas, BA 96
  • Hanna Vineberg, BA 88
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