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Small grants

The Concordia University Small Grants Program (CUSGP) provides up to $1,000 in financial support to full- or part-time students, on a competitive basis, towards special projects meeting the criteria listed below. Funding requests are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Eligible categories

  • Conference travel, for presenting or exhibiting at a conference.
  • Organizing a conference at Concordia.
  • Bringing a guest speaker on campus, excluding honoraria fees.
  • Developing a new or enhanced project that meets significant community needs.
  • Any activity that does not fall under one of the above categories may also be considered, provided a sufficient rationale is given.

Graduate students and conference funding

Graduate students should first apply for funding from the School of Graduate Studies within any of its conference funding competitions before applying to the CUSGP. Read about conference funding options at the School of Graduate Studies.

What is not funded

  • Funding to be applied retroactively
  • Projects that form part of a student’s required curriculum or program
  • Honoraria and salaries
  • Bursaries and endowments
  • Alcohol-related expenses (permits)

Selection criteria

Applications will be judged on originality, quality and completeness of the application, funding required in the context of other requests and funding available, and feasibility of the project or initiative. Priority will be given to new applicants.

Please ensure your application considers/responds to the following questions:

  • How will the project benefit Concordia students?
  • How will the project benefit an external organization or stakeholders where applicable?
  • Have you sought other sources of funding (other than your faculty or department)?

Note: faculty or departmental funding is not required to apply for CUSGP funding, though it is an asset.

Application process & requirements

Applications for CUSGP funding must be submitted through your faculty dean’s office, in accordance with your faculty’s student funding request processes.

  • To apply for CUSGP funding, attach the CUSGP application form to your request for faculty funding.
  • Your faculty designate (see list below) will review the application and make a decision on faculty funding.
  • Your faculty designate will also endorse your request for CUSGP funding by signing the CUSGP application form. Should your request be endorsed, it will be forwarded directly to the CUSGP review committee for approval.
  • Your faculty designate will communicate the funding decision to you.
  • The John Molson School of Business (JMSB) requires applicants to first apply for funding from JMSB before an application for the CUSGP will be processed.
  • Should your project be approved, funding will be distributed in accordance with faculty practice

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